Patrick Johnson
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 11
Birthday August 21
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "Friends"

Patrick Johnson is a main protagonist on Adventures Of D&P. Patrick is often the deuteragonist of the show even though him and Dexter often switch roles.


Life And History

Patrick was born in the fictional city of New Ileesburg,Ireland and moved to Canada when he was very young. Sometimes Patrick goes back to Ireland to visit his home town because they have a theme park and a movie theater. After Patrick moved to Canada and was old enough to go to school he met Dexter. Patrick became friends with Dexter's Rival Luther and is a member of his gang. Patrick has alot of friends at PA Elementary and is the math wiz which annoys most of the popular kids like Jarsey. Patrick lives in a house with his parents who often appear around the house. Patrick says he has been best friends with Dexter since 2008, he often calls Dexter "Dex". Patrick is a big fan of the video game Starry: Forming The Team and the sequel game. Patrick has a crush on a girl in his class named Princess who is the brother of his friend Miguel. In the episode "Uncles" Patrick's Uncle Louie. Patrick's family is mostly Irish and still live in Ireland. In one episode it was revealed that Patrick has a sister named Ashley who lives in Ireland.

Personality & Appearance

Patrick has a short temper and is a poor sport if he loses at something (Dexter usally beats him at something). Patrick has brown hair and wears a green jacket with a silver medal plus a helmet along with grey pants and a jet pack.

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