Lawrence Fernandez
Character Information
Hair Blond
Age 11
Birthday September 27
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "Friends" (Non-Speaking Cameo)

Lawrence Fernandez is a character on Adventures Of D&P. Lawrence made a background appearance in "Friends" and made his first speaking appearance in "Butler Program". Since Season 7, Lawrence's role began to turn into a major character as, Raoule moved away in the episode "Say Goodbye To Raoule Caroule".


Life and History Edit

Lawrence's family has been living in the town for a long time. His dad, Paul is an animator, writer, and producer at Dexter and Patrick's favorite television channel, Famflix. Lawrence's mother, Carol works at the Town Office along with Patrick and Dexter's mothers. Lawrence's uncle is Kenny Famflix, the creator of Famflix. Lawrence attends PA Elementary and is often in Dexter's class. 

Lawrence is best friends with Luther Jamison, Dexter's rival. Lawrence will often laugh at Dexter when Luther is laughing at him. Luther tells Dexter this is only because they are best friends. Lawrence lives in a condo close to Dexter's House.


Lawrence is a great student in school, getting good grades and being nice to teachers. Sometimes Lawrence's dad will yell at him saying stuff like "Clean up your room, Lawrence!" or "Do your homework!".

Lawrence is the most kind to Luther who is his best friend, of course. Lawrence often hangs out with Luther's Gang or Dexter and Patrick. Lawrence has a great friendship with all of his friends as he is very nice to them. Lawrence is also kind to all the students at PA Elementary.


Lawrence wears a turquoise jacket and dark green pants. He has blonde hair.

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