Jay Falcon
Jay Falcon
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Age 11
Birthday May 22
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "Dan's Party"

Jay Falcon was a character who made an appearance in the episode "Dan's Party". Jay is a main protagonist on the South Park fanon series Potions 101. Jay mentions that he has a CarsToob channel called "JayVideo". Jay is a partyguest at Dan's party.


According to the Potions 101 Wiki Jay was born in Slovenia and like Dexter and Patrick he moved because of his father's job. Jay is best friends with a boy named Lance Rodriguez. Jay and Lance like to play pranks, another thing similar to Dexter and Patrick. When they play pranks they like to ring doorbells and run away.

Nobody bullies or is rude to Jay and Lance, this is presumed because they are nice to everyone. He and Lance's favorite televison channel is Famflix. Jay's family is thought of as a regular family because they are often seen mowing the lawn or reading. In many episodes of Potions 101 Jay's parents can be seen inside his home. Jay and Lance are also in the Butler Program and hate it, just like Dexter and Patrick.


Jay wears a dark green jacket, along with a pair of green pants that are darker than his jacket. He also has blond hair, wears glasses, and has black shoes.


  • Jay and Lance are both very similar to Dexter and Patrick.

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