George Andrews
George Andrews3
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 10
Birthday September 14
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "A New Friend In Town"

George Andrews, or simply just called George by friends is a character on Adventures Of D&P. George was introduced in the episode "A New Friend In Town". After George's first appearance he has made brief appearances. George is a child of a few words. George is best friends with Karlov Venski, Patrick 's rival. In "A New Friend In Town" George mentioned on Sundays, he goes to church. 

It is also presumed that George attends PA Elementary, as he lives in the town. George lives in the Town Apartments near Dave, the school's principal and James, the brother of Dave and the school's guidance counselor.

Appearance Edit

George wears a black varsity jacket, with black shoes, and blue pants.

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