Dexter "Dex" Ito
Dexter Transparent
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 11
Birthday July 23
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "Friends"

Dexter Alasdair McDaniel "Dex" Ito, or shortly known as Dexter Ito is the show's main protagonist, with Patrick being the deuteragonist; but they most often switch roles.


Life and History

Dexter is often referred to as "Dex" by Patrick. This has been used as Dexter's nickname since Season 2. In earlier episodes Dexter's voice sounded younger as Dexter ages throughout the series. Dexter was originally from Scotland but his father was in debt so they decided to move to Canada. They moved to Canada because it was "easier" for him to get out of debt. Dexter's father, Dale works as a writer at Guppy Goldfins' Press Company, and Dexter's mother Mandi , works at the Town Office. Dexter's parents both have the same jobs as Patrick's parents. Dexter's father is not in debt anymore.

In the episode "Friends" Dexter moves in and makes friends around the town, first becoming friends with Patrick as he is moving in and then becoming friends with Raoule. Dexter has two last names. This could mean that Dexter could have another mother or father. Strangely it has never been revealed why Dexter has two last names.

Dexter attends PA Elementary where he is often a good natured student, though he sometimes gets in trouble. Dexter's parents don't ground him because they think grounding children is "to harsh". Dexter has gotten in trouble by yelling at the head butler of the school's lunch program Charlie-Ann.  "The Butler Program" is the name of the lunch program. They call all their lunch monitors butlers. They like to have it strict and orderly at the Butler Program. Dexter has even broken a few bones like in the episode "Pranks Alot" he rung the doobell on the Butler Program building and ended up getting caught. He was thrown out the building and broke all of the bones in his body. This has been the worst of his injuries so far.

Dexter has had a rivalry with a boy named Luther Jamison since preschool. Luther calls Dexter by his last name, Ito. In the episode "Uncles" Luther and his gang laugh at Dexter for being the last person in town to get a TV. Even Patrick laughed at Dexter but his excuse was "I'm trying to fit in with the gang, sorry Dex". Dexter also has a rivalry with The Tall Sixth Graders, who often pick on him and Patrick for being short.

As of Season 7, Dexter does not have a strong relationship with Raoule anymore, as he is having a very strong friendship with a boy named Lawrence. Lawrence is Luther's best friend. It us unknown if Raoule has been replaced as as a main character by Lawrence.

Dexter has a crush on a girl who is often in Patrick's class named Carla. Carla likes Tony, a boy who is the same age as Dexter and Patrick. Tony is also in Patrick's class. Dexter doesn't like Tony when he is around Carla because he is "stealing his girl". There is another girl named Princess, who also likes Tony and is Carla's best friend. Patrick has a crush on Princess and like Dexter, when Tony is around Princess he also thinks that he is "stealing his girl".


Dexter is a pretty smart child, except when it comes to math. According to Dexter he says he is bad at math, though when they were doing a math test in school he said he aced it. Dexter often gets good grades, even when he gets in trouble. When Dexter goes to the principal's office he doesn't get yelled at, which is surprising to Charlie-Ann who thinks Dexter should be expelled.

When Dexter is out of school, he is often nice and kind to his friends. He likes to play video games with Patrick. Patrick enjoys playing pranks with Dexter, unlike Raoule who will tell the truth when they both get in trouble. Dexter sometimes plays pranks with a teen boy named, Kenji. Kenji will usually charge in the Butler Program building, making it easy for him to get caught.


Dexter wears gray pants, black shoes, and a gray jacket. He has spiky brown hair. Dexter often switches outfits but the outfit with the gray pants, back shoes, and gray jacket is his main outfit.

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