A New Friend In Town

The boys introducing themselves to George Andrews at the bus stop

"A New Friend In Town" is the third episode of Season 7. It originally aired on July 18, 2014.


A new boy named George Andews moves into the town and the boys decide to show him around.


In the beginning of the episode, the boys are all at the bus stop when they notice a moving truck. There are people moving into the house. The boys decide to go over and introduce themselves. When they ring the doorbell a boy answers. They say hello to him and ask him if he wants to hang out. He accepts the offer. The boys all walk over to the bus stop and introduce themselves. Dexter starts off by introducing himself: "Hello my name is Dexter, you can call me Dex for short. If you ever wanna pull of a perfect prank then come to this guy". 

After all the boys are done introducing themselves George introduces himself. George tells them about his family, especially his grandparents as he goes to church with them every Sunday morning. All the boys say they don't go to church because "they find it to boring". George says he is fifth grade. This means, he is one grade behind Dexter, Patrick and the boys.  

George's family doesn't appear at all throughout the entire episode even though George mentions them most of the time. George also says he is an only child and doesn't have a brother or sister. George says he has one dog. The boys all find George very interesting. 

The episode also ends at the bus stop with them chatting. George is also a quiet child and a boy of very few words. George isn't seen at PA Elementary but it is still presumed that he attends PA Elementary. After George's appearances in this episode he has made a few brief appearances. 

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